Customize the CDFI Brand Video

  • Learn how you can customize the “We Believe in Opportunity. For All.”

  • brand video for your CDFI.


As part of OFN’s groundbreaking effort to build mass market brand awareness for the opportunity finance industry, we have produced a new video: We Believe in Opportunity. For All. It is a bold statement about what CDFIs stand for.

The video communicates with everyone. You can share the video with Funders, Investors, Policy Makers, your neighbors, and even your mom. It expresses our core purpose and our belief that we are transforming our world by aligning capital with justice. It closes with an invitation to “join us.”

We invite OFN Members to customize the video by adding your logo and URL to the end slate. It will look like this:


OFN encourages all CDFIs to partner with us to help build mass market awareness for the opportunity finance industry. You can start by sharing this video on your Web site, via social media, and in your meetings.

Please fill out the form linked at right to request your video. If you are an OFN Member in good standing, you will receive this benefit at no additional charge.

Video Request Form

Please fill out this form to opt into OFN’s Custom Video Program. OFN Members receive this benefit at no extra charge. If you are an OFN Member in good standing and can supply the logo to our specifications, it will take 4-6 weeks to produce it.

Logo Requirements

Please supply OFN with your CDFI’s logo, following these instructions:

  1. Logo must be in a high resolution .EPS format. (Note: EPS stands for “encapsulated postscript,” and means that the graphic is “vectorized; that is, it can be sized up or down without loss of clarity.)
  2. Our preference is for the logo to be “reversed out.” This means your logo is all white on a black background. A black on white logo is acceptable, but OFN will be modifying it so that it can display as white on a black background.

If you cannot supply a logo that meets these specifications, please contact us at the email address below so that we can assist you.

Questions? Contact Debby Stefaniak, Vice President, Strategic Communications.